our solutions

auotmated testing

automated testing by PRiSM is a customizable solution for test automation, that enables teams automate manual testing and accelerate testing cycles by up to 95%; the solution supports: 

  • simple FTDL test case definition requiring no coding/compiling
  • multiple protocols for end-to-end testing (incl. devices)
  • client, server or both simultaneously
  • functional and load tests

Examples Include:

  • Online Charging Systems Test Automation
  • Messaging Test Automation

service monitoring

service monitoring by PRiSM is a Sentaca hosted solution specifically designed to provide automated service monitoring of end to end telco services on behalf of carriers; capabilities include: 


  • zero touch AWS hosted dashboard on a per service level
  • kpi’s rolled up with summary of service flows executed
  • failure service flows highlighted indicating full details including logs, injection point used, network interface etc.
Examples Include:

  • Hosted RCS Service Monitoring
  • API Gateway Monitoring

QoS/QoE Assurance

our actionable QoS/QoE solution enables carriers to measure services as experienced by customers in a real time manner, uncovering actions that will increase NPS (net promoter score); we offer targeted configurations such as:

  • mvno - understanding your customer's experience on your host network 
  • carrier - understanding QOS when services consumed over Wifi
  • crowd sourced radio planning data capture and surfacing
  • IoT - endpoint QOS monitoring while at home and roaming